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The Perfect Body Laser & Wellness Womb Massage

The Perfect Body Laser & Wellness Womb Massage

An age old traditional abdominal healing therapy that aides in fertility, relaxation/repositioning of the uterus after childbirth, miscarriage or trauma. It also aides in detoxifying, which increases lymphatic flow and nerve communication, encouraging optimal uterine health. When the uterus is in proper alignment, it is open to receiving the optimal amount of oxygen and nutrient rich blood available.

What to expect

Our registered nurse uses non-invasive massage techniques to gently manipulate the muscles and connective tissues that hold the uterus in place, guiding the organ back to its proper position, releasing physical and emotional congestion and blockages. 

This therapy also helps to alleviate the symptoms of: endometriosis, prolapsed uterus, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, bladder and yeast infections, chronic constipation/digestive issues, peri-menopause/menopausal symptoms. (30 Minutes)

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